Heart Disease in Our Dojo & Our Community

Currently, I'm working on a project related to heart disease. As a an "owner" of a coronary condition ,coronary artery disease to be specific, this work is ,well, close to my heart. While my project is taking shape,and of course it will be a continuing process,I was anxious to share some of the information I uncovered during my research.

Now, most of this info , all of it I guess , is in the public domain and easily accessible. Those of us however, who have not been affected by  coronary heart disease "CHD ", may not have come across it. Sadly this disease is very likely to directly or indirectly come into our lives. As our industry advocates self defence ,I feel that informing ouselves and our students on the possibility of encountering  CHD, and, on how to defend against it, is vital.
As with any form of defence its best if you don't have to use it,right? So prevention is far better than cure. Of course if you are already engaged in your fight with CHD then your strategy will need to reflect this. In this short piece I'm going to post some links that focus on education and prevention.
Perhaps this information can be incorporated into your curriculum and will be as relivant and as useful to your students as a defence against a right hook!
I've outlined a simple set of six Defence/Counters to CHD, as the concept may fit into our martial language. Only and idea which can be expaned on.
Attack # 1:Ignorance - Counter : Education
Attack# 2: Sedentary Lifestyle - Counter : Exercise
Attack# 3 : Poor Diet - Counter : Eat Well
Attack#4 : Excessive Alcohol - Counter : Moderate
Attack#5 : Smoking - Counter : Quit

Attack#6 : Stress - Counter : Leran to relax
I'm working on expansion of this list and concept so any suggestions or comments will be gratefully recieved.
The following links/videos contain some great information:

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