Fighting Heart Disease 6 Attacks & Defences

Fighting Coronary Artery Disease is every bit as real a fight as anything we can ever experience on the mats.As a coronary bypass surviver I can tell  you that prevention is immeasurably better than cure. Coronary Artery Disease sometimes referred  to as Coronary  Heart Disease is a condition that slowly manifests itself in our lives. Those of us who make it to medical intervention are the lucky ones. We get a second chance to live,and with that, a chance I believe,  to make a difference in our own lives, and the lives of our family and the wider community. CHD, affects not only the sufferer, but also an extended group of people. As martial artists one of the great benefits of our programs is good health. Perhaps alongside that we might consider "Illness Prevention". While this concept may cover a multitude of issues,and we will no doubt cover these, right here I'm going to focus on Heart Defense. I have,  in keeping with the structure of an ongoing curriculum highlighted six"Attacks" of CHD. These may be looked upon as six methods by which CHD may "assault" us. Where there are six attacks, we have naturally six "Counters".

Perhaps these "Attacks" and "Counters" may be included in your curriculum. Suggestions might be to include these elements as part of a six week defense course. Or, one could expand on them in your regular classes,each ascending rank devoting more time to understanding, researching and developing methods to ultimately give everyone of us a fighting chance against this disease.I have linked each "Counter" to various information sources. I will elaborate more on these as this project progresses.

Attack # 1 : Ignorance
Counter : Education
Attack # 2 : Sedentary Lifestyle
Counter : Exercise
Attack # 3 : Bad Diet
Counter : Eat Well
Attack # 4 : Excessive Alcohol
Counter : Moderate
Attack # 5 :  Smoking 
Counter : Quit
Attack # 6 : Stress
Counter : Learn To Relax 

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