Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome To Wicklow Heart Defence

Welcome to Heart Defence. The main object of this blog is to inform and educate.The subject is of course Heart Health. We all have hearts and to enable us to look after ours properly its time that we educated ourselves.There are many fine resources available online and through the good works of many Heart Health associations. On this blog , on our recourse's page, we'll list some of those sites that we feel offer some great information.

Remember you are in control and responsible for your own Heart Health. It will be your vigilance and  monitoring of your own health that will ensure that you will enjoy good Heart Health.

As we are based in Wicklow some of our material will be directed towards heart health in county Wicklow. Also, as this project is being facilitated by Alan Ellis' Motivational Martial Arts which is based in Wicklow please feel free to contact Alan if you have any enquiries regarding information on Heart Health

Alan may be contacted on 089-4567533 or email Alan on

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